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Why SAGLY is the best mountain bike app out there …

best mountain bike app

SAGLY is much more than a mobile app that aims to help mountain bike riders optimize and customize their bike setup by providing guidance and suggestions based on the rider’s body, riding style, and bike parts… It is simply the best mountain bike app out there. Why? You will read more about that in this blog post.

One of the main values that SAGLY provides to users is the ability to easily create and manage multiple setups for their mountain bike. This can be especially useful for riders who frequently switch between different terrains or who have multiple bikes with different setups. The app allows users to input detailed information about each part of their bike, including the brand, model, and specific settings, and provides a way for users to save and manage multiple setups for different riding conditions. The advantages of using these features is that you finally remember what settings you ride on your mountain bike. Instead of writing it down somewhere or forgetting the settings, the best mountain bike app SAGLY provides you an intuitive way to always have your settings in your pocket.

The best mountain bike app makes it easy for you to set up your bike

Another value that SAGLY provides is its EASY SETUP GUIDE feature, which offers step-by-step instructions for setting up each part of the bike and provides SMART SUGGESTIONS for tire pressure and other settings. This can be especially helpful for inexperienced riders or those who are new to mountain biking, as it provides clear guidance on how to properly set up the bike and achieve a balanced setup. Especially the first basic setup can be done with this functionality and helps you to have a great starting point for further optimization.

SAGLY also includes a BALANCE view that provides further information on how to balance the bike setup and a MANAGE SETUPS section where users can view, edit, and delete their saved setups. 

A cycle of improvement – Do not settle, keep tuning!

One of the core features of SAGLY, is the WHAT SHOULD I DO, WHEN … guide. This guide gives you solutions to your problems with your suspension and helps you to fine-tune your suspension. A mountain bike setup is a very specific thing for each rider. SAGLY helps you to develop a feeling for your mountain bike suspension and optimize it to your own needs.

Further Push Notifications where SAGLY asks you for feedback for the latest changes on your settings help SAGLY to give additional suggestions to get to the sweet spot for each setting. This approach is based on the bracketing method, which also world cup riders use to optimize their suspension setup.

With the HISTORY feature you can keep track of your changes and adjustments. This is basically a log book of all adjustments you made in history.

Share with other and have fun

SAGLY already has a big community with over 20.000 users and the EXPLORE feature lets you compare, discuss and interact with other riders and their setups. This guarantees a big amount of fun and also some exposure for your mountain bike setup, where you can also add images of your bike. We are sure you will you get a lot of HIGH FIVES from other riders ;-).

Another great point why SAGLY is the best mountain bike app is the KNOW-HOW section. This part enables you to learn about your mountain bike settings. It is a complex topic, but we put a lot of effort in this section so that it is easy to grasp what each setting does, and which effect changes have on them.

Clear conclusion – SAGLY is the best mountain bike app on the market

SAGLY has many great features and provides a lot of value. It is in our opinion the best mountain bike app on the market, which helps ultimately to have a suspension setup like a world cup rider and become a better rider. And that for a fraction of money other telemetry products out there cost. Try SAGLY for free and download it today in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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