Suspension setup app


Our names are Mario Kemetinger and Anton Hörl. We are two passionate mountain bikers and the product developers behind SAGLY. Of course met at a young age while mountain biking. At that time, the sport wasn’t that popular, at least in our region and the local scene was smaller. Suspension setup was not such a big deal back then, at least for Anton. Anton grew up in Leogang 100 meters from the bike park and Mario grew up in the neighboring municipality of Lenzing. They both lived for the sport of mountain biking.

Our suspension setup back then

Anton always had a not very not well adjusted suspension setup. But Mario was always really passionate about the technical side of mountain biking and therefore helped Anton with his suspension setup. Mario often made fun of Anton, because of his bad adjusted suspension setup.

In addition to the bike park laps, street session and dirt jump sessions in the self-built dirt park,

suspension setup

which stood in a friend’s garden, we also founded the film crew Lahnvalley Crew with 2 other friends: https://www.facebook.com/lahnvalleycrew

suspension setup

Thanks to sponsors such as Alpinestars, SCOTT Sports, MAXXIS tires and Bikepark Leogang, we were able to finance our hobby a little and so follow our passion, mountain biking. Also Anton’s suspension setup got better and better due to Marios input and trainings ;-). Many videos and photos were made and successfully distributed on the web. The scene and the sponsors liked the produced content. As with this video, we garnered more than 80,000 views on Pinkbike alone:

suspension setup

Bike trips were also financed in this way, including to Canada, British Columbia. Anton also got a Work & Travel VISA for Canada after graduating from high school and became a “local” in Whistler, BC for one year. Some more successful LVC videos and photos were also made there.

After a while, working life became more and more important. However, mountain biking remained a hobby. Both, Mario and Anton went into the IT industry.

What about an app for my Suspension setup?

This is how the SAGLY project came about, since the passion for the sport was still there. Anton was brainstorming new product ideas in the home office with a view to the local Bikepark Leogang. Then he sent Mario a message, what he thinks about developing an app for finding the ideal suspension setup. Mario was of course excited about the idea and the project started.

We find it exciting to bring technology and innovation into sport. Mario, who has the know-how about chassis settings, and Anton, who has the software development skills, complement each other perfectly in the project and in August 2021 the first SAGLY version came out in the app stores. Since then, the app has been continuously developed with user feedback. Now the app has 1500 users, great reviews and lots of features.


“Mountain biking is not only a sport, hobby or lifestyle in our opinion. We associate mountain biking with much more.

When you ride your mountain bike, you experience the nature, improve your physical and mental health, you get to meet other people, you encounter pleasure and enjoyment, you strengthen your will and sometimes you learn how to get up again.

Those are just a view reasons, why we think it is worth working on an innovative mobile app like SAGLY. SAGLY’S technology helps you not only to document, tune and compare your mountain bike settings, but also to enjoy a really great activity, mountain biking”

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