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MTBs and E-MTBs are equipped with a chassis, some of which are associated with quite complex settings. Therefore we developed a MTB Suspension App, which helps you!

You usually have not adjusted the chassis optimally and therefore you have less riding pleasure and you also endanger your safety.

SAGLY, an easy to use MTB suspension app, helps you to find optimal settings for your bike and to continuously improve and document them.

Different setups can be created for different bikes and terrains. These can be changed at any time.

The EASY SETUP GUIDE is part of the MTB suspension app SAGLY guiding you through a base setup by using the SAG. The user inputs the suspension part’s travel and the used travel when standing on the bike. This SAG calculator calculates the SAG based on this inputs and gives hints based on the result.

mtb suspension app

The EASY SETUP GUIDE of SAGLY helps you to find an appropriate base setup by giving you recommendations for your tire pressure based on your weight and riding terrain.

mtb suspension app

MTB Suspension App to manage all your setups

Setups can be managed, edited, copied and much more. Your setups are shown in a nice and clear way. A notes field helps you to keep track of additional info, like what weather you created the setup in, and so on. Adjustments for wet conditions are calculated automatically.

mtb suspension app

Another feature the MTB Suspension App supports the rider with suggested solutions for problems with the chassis. This helps the rider to continuously improve the setup, while riding.

mtb suspension app

The balance feature checks if your setup is balanced between the rear and the front and also gives hints how to improve and balance your suspension setup.

mtb suspension app

In addition, the you receive general tips & tricks as well as an explanation of terms for optimizing and maintaining the chassis.

mtb suspension app


Explore setups from other riders in the MTB suspension app SAGLY. Filter and Search by frame, fork, shock or tire-models. Sort by number of high-fives (likes), number of comments, and recently created. The setups of other riders are displayed with all information about the rider and the bikes the setup is created for.

You can high-five (like) those setups, create comments or even try those setups out and copy them to your setups.

mtb suspension app


Screenshots of features we want to build:

Have a history of changes to track your progress on your setup. This feature is based on the “Bracketing” method. This method helps you find the perfect chassis settings and is used also in Downhill World Cup Racing.


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