Most mountain bike riders have not adjusted their suspension optimally, but these settings can be
crucial for a safe and pleasurable ride.

moreover a proper maintenance of the bike helps to extend lifetime and save money.

try sagly – a complete guide for your mountain bike settings and maintenance.



“I appreciate the fact that I can check anytime what my suspension- and tyre pressure-settings are. In this way I can change them while riding. Moreover SAGLY is a huge help with fine tuning them. Thank you very much.”

Denis S.

“SAGLY quickly evolved into a powerful trackside tool and allowed us to keep track of our race bike settings. The informative troubleshooting suggestions within the app allowed us to understand what was happening to the suspension and make the necessary changes. We also appreciated the wet track conversion suggestions.”

Xavier Letendre (15)

DH/Enduro Athlete – Canada @xavierletendre.race

“SAGLY is a very helpful app in which you can save all the settings (dry & wet) of your bike(s). If you feel that you can even further fine tune your bike there is a section which provide you with, through questions, suggestion to improve the behaviour of your bike. Very helpful and easy to use. Available on demand on trail, SAGLY is the app to record and improve your settings. Much easier than my old Excel table!!!”

Alex S.


Caution: If you make changes on your suspension, ride carefully until you are used to the new setup. Furthermore, do not make changes like e. g. changing volume spacers or changing coil force without reading the manufactures recommendations or manual.

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