Mountain bike apps you should have – Here are 5 of them …

Mountain bike apps you should have – Here are 5 of them …


Not only a mountain bike app to find the best trails.

Trailforks is a trail management system for outdoor enthusiasts, trail builders/associations, government and tourism. The mountain bike app aims to provide the very best tools to inventory, maintain, promote and showcase trail networks and tourism destinations. Tools such as statistics empower each group to have accessible data to show local city councils, governments, tourism boards and parks, conveying the popularity and potential economic impact of outdoor recreation on their area in order to receive further support to grow trail networks.

The Trailforks App harnesses all this data and provides users with the best tool for planning their next destination and on-trail experience of navigation and safety.


Fitness apps like STRAVA are also great for mountain bikers. The app helps you connect with other people all around the world who share your sports interests and you can even find athletic challenges and local clubs.

The paid version, Strava Summit extends the app with further features. Those features you can set up your custom goals, training plans and analyze your logged exercises in more detail.

Using Strava, a top mountain bike app, you can also compete in local challenges, like upcoming half-marathons, or compete against yourself other local athletes using segments. You can find segments of every trail or bikepark and you can challenge yourself uphill or downhill with other riders.

You can follow other users, athletes and riders on the app, to see their posts, photos and rides. Those who follow you can also see your activities, and give you “kudos” — Strava’s version of likes — or comment on the post.

Users can record their exercise, and choose from a wide variety of exercise options like running, e-bike riding and canoeing, including things like distance, pace and details about how you felt about the experience.


Koomot, another great mountain bike app specializes in discovering and riding on interesting routes. The almost 100 megabyte application focuses on personalized hiking, mountain biking and racing bike routes. After you choose a region, the mountain bike app shows you a vast number of routes. You can access those routes with friends or alone. The app provides also bigger tours.

In order to be able to correctly assess the suggested paths, the mountain bike app has an overview that provides information on the duration, distance, difference in altitude and degree of difficulty of the routes. Since these are mostly ready-made route plans, in most cases you have to get to the starting point first. This can also be done within the app using the route planner. The app and the routes are also available offline. In a bird eyes view you can see the routes and navigate.

You can also evaluate the route you chose. You also get an overview of the average speed, covered altitude and other data.

Garmin IQ Store

With the Garmin IQ Store App you can give the display of your Garmin Fitness Watch a personal touch. Simply download the app. You can set up pictures from your mobile phone as the display background of your watch. In addition, you can choose a digital or analogue design and place different displays freely on the dial. This is a great mountain bike app which helps you to customize your riding gear.

mountain bike app

SAGLY – Mountain bike app to find the ideal chassis settings

MTBs and E-MTBs are equipped with a chassis, some of which are associated with quite complex settings. Most riders usually have not adjusted the chassis optimally and therefore have less riding pleasure and also endangers their safety. 

SAGLY helps you to find optimal settings for your mountain-bike and to continuously improve and document them. This mountain bike app is not only for mountain bike tech geeks but for all kind of riders.

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