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A good enduro suspension setup is key. Here are some tips!

enduro suspension setup

Enduro mountain biking is a thrilling and challenging sport that combines technical downhill riding with long, grueling climbs. If you’re new to the sport and are thinking about how to do a proper enduro suspension setup, there are a few key things you should know.. This will help you to have the best possible experience on the trails.

First, it’s important to make sure your bike is properly sized for your body. Enduro bikes are typically larger and more rugged than other types of mountain bikes. In this way it is important to get a bike that fits you well. This means having the right frame size, as well as the correct saddle height and handlebar position. A properly sized bike will be more comfortable to ride. Moreover it will help you perform at your best on the trails.

The right bike size is important!

Next, you’ll want to pay attention to the enduro suspension setup on your enduro bike. Enduro bikes handle rugged, technical trails really well. Thus they typically have more suspension travel than other types of mountain bikes. This extra suspension will help you smooth out rough terrain and keep your tires on the ground. As a result you will have better control and traction. However, it’s important to have good enduro suspension setup for all settings on your bike. This means adjusting the air pressure in the shock and fork, as well as setting the SAG. The SAG is the amount the suspension compresses when you’re sitting on the bike. Properly set up suspension will help you maintain traction and control on the trails.

In addition to the the enduro suspension setup, you’ll also want to make sure your tires are properly inflate. In addition you should set up your enduro bike for the trails you’ll be riding. You can run your enduro bikes typically at lower tire pressures than other types of mountain bikes. This helps you to have more grip and provides more traction. You’ll want to experiment with different tire pressures to find the sweet spot. This sweet spot should be the ideal setting for you and the trails you’ll be riding.

Besides a great enduro suspension setup gear is also important!

Finally, it’s important to make sure your enduro bike is properly equipped for the trails you’ll be riding. This means having the right gear, such as a helmet, gloves, and protective pads, as well as carrying essential tools and supplies, like a spare tube, a multi-tool, and a pump. Having the right gear and tools will help you stay safe and prepared on the trails.

Overall, setting up your enduro mountain bike is an important step in making sure you have a great time on the trails. For further tips on how to set up your brakes and saddle check out this blog post. Maybe you also read up on what mistakes to avoid. In any way more tips & tricks on setting up your enduro suspension setup you can find in the SAGLY app. With this mobile app you can document, tune and compare your mountain bike settings.

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