MTB tune up with volume spacers

MTB tune up

Advanced Suspension MTB tune up Techniques for Expert Riders: Unraveling the Magic of Volume Tokens

As expert mountain bikers, you’ve likely already mastered the basics of suspension tuning. Now it’s time to explore the more intricate aspects of getting the most out of your suspension system. In this guide, we’ll delve into advanced suspension MTB tune up techniques. A focus is set in this post on volume tokens and the remarkable effect they can have on your mountain biking experience.

The Role of Volume Tokens and MTB tune up

In addition volume tokens, also known as volume spacers or volume reducers, are small, often inconspicuous components. They can make a profound difference in your bike’s suspension behavior. These tokens are typically used in air-sprung suspension forks and shocks and serve to alter the air spring’s progressivity. In essence, volume tokens allow you to fine-tune your suspension’s response to different types of impacts and terrain. Let’s explore how they work and the effect they can have on your ride after doing this MTB tune up.

Understanding Volume Tokens

Volume tokens are inserted into the air chamber of your fork or shock. They displace a certain volume of air, which changes the spring rate and, consequently, the suspension’s progressiveness. These tokens are generally made of plastic or foam and are available in different sizes to allow for a high degree of customization.

The Effect of Volume Tokens

  1. Progressive or Linear Feel: By adding volume tokens, you make your suspension more progressive. This means that it becomes stiffer as it compresses deeper into the travel, which can help prevent harsh bottom-outs on big hits. Furthermore, removing tokens makes the suspension more linear, offering a plusher feel.
  2. Small Bump Sensitivity: Moreover volume tokens can significantly affect how your suspension reacts to small bumps and minor trail irregularities. Fewer tokens can enhance sensitivity and traction over smaller obstacles. Therefore more tokens might make the suspension feel more composed over rough terrain.
  3. Customized Bottom-Out Resistance: The use of volume tokens allows you to MTB tune up your suspension’s bottom-out resistance. Expert riders can adjust the tokens to find the perfect balance between avoiding harsh bottom-outs and maintaining plushness.

How to Adjust Volume Tokens

  1. Adding Tokens: If you’re experiencing too many bottom-outs or your bike feels too linear, try adding a volume token. This will make your suspension more progressive. Start by adding one token at a time and test the impact on your ride.
  2. Removing Tokens: To achieve a more linear suspension feel, remove volume tokens. Start by taking out one token and ride your bike to assess the change. Therefore this is also a very important aspect to consider when doing your MTB tune up.
  3. Experiment: Volume tokens provide an excellent opportunity for experimentation. Try different configurations of tokens and take note of how your suspension reacts to various terrains and riding styles.

Volume tokens are powerful tools that enable expert riders to MTB tune up their suspension system with precision. By adjusting the air spring’s progressivity, you can customize your suspension to match your unique riding style and the specific terrains you tackle. As you experiment with volume tokens, keep in mind that small changes can lead to significant improvements in your riding experience. Continual testing and documentation of your setup are essential for finding the perfect balance between plushness and control. Embrace the versatility of volume tokens, and watch your mountain biking adventures reach new heights of performance and comfort. Do not forget to download SAGLY. A mobile app to document, tune and compare your mountain bike settings. Happy riding!

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