Bike setup app number 1: SAGLY ;-)

bike setup app

Bike setup app number 1: SAGLY

In this blog post we want to show the core value SAGLY gives you as a user and why SAGLY is the best bike setup app out there. SAGLY has many features by now, but what advantages do those features provide?

You learn how to setup your mountain bike

There are many great resources in this app. You learn not only what settings are out there or on your mountain bike, but also what effect each setting has. For example what happens if you close your High Speed Rebound. Moreover we help you with personalized smart suggestions on how to set up your tire pressure. Also a SAG calculator and SAG guide is built in. The app also provides handy and simple suggestions for Rebound and also Compression settings. At last the app checks if your setup is balanced between the front and the rear part of your mountain bike.

You finally remember your mountain bike settings

It is not easy to remember all those settings on your mountain bike. Often you forget how many clicks you have for each setting on your mountain bike. Not with SAGLY. You can save all your settings of all your different bikes on your phone. Now you have them always in your pocket. No more sticky notes in your garage. This bike setup app helps you to document your mountain bike settings and also to keep track of your changes.

You have fun in the community with your mountain bike settings

Did you ever try out a setup from a different rider or did you chat with other riders about mountain bike settings? With SAGLY you can do exactly that. You exchange with other riders and learn from them or discuss different settings. Or you simply show off your mountain bike with images, parts and settings in the EXPLORE feature and collect HIGH-FIVES. It is totally up to you how you use the bike setup app SAGLY.

You improve your mountain bike settings continuously

The initial setup of your bike gives you a rough starting point. But to improve it you need to make changes over and over. This is also easy to do with SAGLY. Simply QUICK EDIT your settings. We also want to develop a HISTORY feature, where you can keep track of your changes with ease. This HISTORY feature also helps you to do Bracketing. More about what Bracketing is you can find in the SAGLY app.

You have more fun riding because of this bike setup app SAGLY

All those advantages add up and bottom line you will have more fun riding your mountain bike, if you race you will become a faster racer, you also extend the lifetime of your bike and therefore save money. But one of the most important aspects: It helps you to stay safe on the trails. Nothing worse than not having enough grip, a flat tire at the wrong place, a harsh bike which gives you arm pump and so on. These are in our opinion great reasons why you should download and use SALGY.

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